Communication Activities

Completed activities

SESAR & Engage KTN #TC3 3rd WorkshopPresentation ISOBAR project
SESAR Innovation Days 2020Poster Teaser and Poster Video
SESAR e-newsEye of the storm: better predicting weather in air traffic management
ISOBAR 1st workshopPresentation for Stakeholders
ISOBAR 2nd workshopPresentations for Stakeholders
SRNWP-EPS Workshop
Numerical Wildfire Workshop
SESAR Innovation Days 2021Poster video
International Women in Science Day OutreachInterview to Marta Sánchez Cidoncha
Operational assessment at EUROCONTROL Innovation HubLink to piece of news
Participation in the EMS2022Abstract submitted: “Artificial intelligence solutions to meteo-based air traffic imbalances for network operations planning”
by Matteo Ponzano et al. Link to news

Abstract accepted: Link to news
ENV and MET SESAR exploratory research projects: key findings and solutions workshopLink to agenda

News about participation
ISOBAR: Workshop on conclusionsLink to agenda / Link to news
Participation in the World ATM CongressLink to piece of news
CORDIS publishes ISOBAR project resultsLink to article on CORDIS website
Infographic: ISOBAR building blocksPost with infographic

Intended activities

NumberCommunication activityDate
CDA-1 SESAR Innovation Days postersParticipation at each SESAR Innovation Days with a poster describing the status of the project.T0+06 (7/12/2020) / Yearly
CDA-02 SESAR Innovation Days papersParticipation at SESAR Innovation Days with scientific papers showing the progress of the project.T0+18 (7/12/2021) / Yearly
CDA-03 Scientific Journal PapersScientific Journal Papers about the results along with the projectEnd quarter 2021 and 2022
CDA-04 Workshops1st Workshop with operational Stakeholders; 2nd Workshop for use Cases Refinement; 3rd Workshop for Showcase Presentation– 1st Workshop done the 1st of October, 2020.
– 2nd Workshop Aug-Sep 2021
– 3rd Workshop May 2022
CDA-05 ICRAT paperParticipation and presentation at scientific conferences (others that SIDs): International Conference on Research Air Transportation (ICRAT) and USA/Europe ATM Seminar.End quarter 2022.
CDA-06 ISOBAR WebsiteT0+01 (31/05/2020) Monthly updates
CDA-07 Social Media (Twitter, Linked-In)T0+01 (31/05/2020) Weekly updates
Schedule of Communication and Dissemination Activities