Communication Activities

Completed activities

SESAR & Engage KTN #TC3 3rd WorkshopPresentation ISOBAR project
SESAR Innovation Days 2020Poster Teaser and Poster Video
SESAR e-newsEye of the storm: better predicting weather in air traffic management
ISOBAR 1st workshopPresentation for Stakeholders
ISOBAR 2nd workshopPresentations for Stakeholders
SRNWP-EPS Workshop
Numerical Wildfire Workshop
International Women in Science Day OutreachInterview to Marta Sánchez Cidoncha
Operational assessment at EUROCONTROL Innovation HubLink to piece of news
Participation in the EMS2022Abstract submitted: “Artificial intelligence solutions to meteo-based air traffic imbalances for network operations planning”
by Matteo Ponzano et al. Link to news

Abstract accepted: Link to news
ENV and MET SESAR exploratory research projects: key findings and solutions workshopLink to agenda

News about participation
ISOBAR: Workshop on conclusionsLink to agenda
Participation in the World ATM CongressLink to piece of news

Intended activities

NumberCommunication activityDate
CDA-1 SESAR Innovation Days postersParticipation at each SESAR Innovation Days with a poster describing the status of the project.T0+06 (7/12/2020) / Yearly
CDA-02 SESAR Innovation Days papersParticipation at SESAR Innovation Days with scientific papers showing the progress of the project.T0+18 (7/12/2021) / Yearly
CDA-03 Scientific Journal PapersScientific Journal Papers about the results along with the projectEnd quarter 2021 and 2022
CDA-04 Workshops1st Workshop with operational Stakeholders; 2nd Workshop for use Cases Refinement; 3rd Workshop for Showcase Presentation– 1st Workshop done the 1st of October, 2020.
– 2nd Workshop Aug-Sep 2021
– 3rd Workshop May 2022
CDA-05 ICRAT paperParticipation and presentation at scientific conferences (others that SIDs): International Conference on Research Air Transportation (ICRAT) and USA/Europe ATM Seminar.End quarter 2022.
CDA-06 ISOBAR WebsiteT0+01 (31/05/2020) Monthly updates
CDA-07 Social Media (Twitter, Linked-In)T0+01 (31/05/2020) Weekly updates
Schedule of Communication and Dissemination Activities