Paper: Convection indicator for pre-tactical air traffic flow management

Members of ISOBAR Project just published the following paper in the peer reviewed, open access journal Machine Learning with Applications (MLWA). Convection indicator for pre-tactical air traffic flow management using neural networks Aniel Jardines, Manuel Soler, Alejandro Cervantes, Javier García-Heras, Juan Simarro (2021): Machine Learning with Applications,100053 ( Abstract Convective weather is a large source of disruption … More Paper: Convection indicator for pre-tactical air traffic flow management


ISOBAR project will be present at the General Assembly of the European Geoscience Union. Our team will be presenting the paper Predicting Convective Storm Characteristics using Machine Learning from Hi-Resolution NWP Forecasts and giving a short presentation, showcasting the initial results of the AI METEO engine, developed within the project for predicting convective weather. Predicting … More ISOBAR @vEGU21

Engage TC3 3rd workshop

On 27th of January, the 3rd workshop of ENGAGE Thematic Challenge #3 on Efficient provision and use of meteorological information in ATM was held. The overall goal of this edition was to streamline the innovation pipeline in the area of efficient provision and use of meteorological/environmental information in the ATM. During the Workshop, Project Coordinator Marta Sánchez, gave an … More Engage TC3 3rd workshop

Engage-KTN #TC3 3rd Workshop

ISOBAR project will participate in the Engage-KTN 3rd Workshop of Thematic Challenge 3: Efficient provision and use of meteorological information in ATM. The workshop will be held online on 27th January 2021. Find below the agenda. To register: click here


You can still provide requirements for ISOBAR prototype service functionalities. Please use the ISOBAR Demo Engine to have an overview of some of the target functionalities envisaged for the final ISOBAR service. The Demo will guide you through three snapshots of the ATFCM process done at Network Manager at D-1 (being D-0 the day of … More ISOBAR Engine DEMO

ISOBAR 1st workshop

ISOBAR 1st workshop with external stakeholders took place on Thursday 1st October. The project shared with a wide audience its preliminary vision of a flow-management support service for an enhanced ATFCM process integrating probabilistic weather forecasts and AI for imbalance characterisation and mitigation solutions prescription. Opening remarks were provided by Manfred Mohr, Assistant Director at … More ISOBAR 1st workshop

1st Workshop Agenda

On 1st of October, ISOBAR will have it’s first workshop (out of a total of 3). Have a look at it’s agenda. The project will be presented in detail, ideas with relevant stakeholders will be exchanged and, functional requeriments for the prototypes and exploitation opportunities will be identified. Find the complete agenda below. Due to … More 1st Workshop Agenda