Operational assessment at EUROCONTROL Innovation Hub

The ISOBAR project, led by CRIDA, has conducted an operational assessment of possible improvements in the management of convective phenomena impacting airspace capacity. The solution offers automated support with AI tools: a storm predictor based on sophisticated meteorological products such as GSREPS or HARMONIE AROME, a sector capacity impact predictor and several overload resolution engines that apply both regulations and cherry-picking.

The evaluations have used an HMI developed by EUROCONTROL on the INNOVE platform adapted to the needs of information and interaction of inflow management controllers at both national and Network Manager level in the pre-tactical phase.

Antonio Juan, head of operations of ENAIRE’s Palma Area Control Center, took part in the assessment. DSNA flow management controllers and Network Manager staff also participated. The simulations took place at the EUROCONTROL Innovation Hub in Bretigny.

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